In 2014, Thomas & Marker rolled out our official Mission, Vision, and Values statements. Although each of these elements were already somewhat disseminated throughout T&M culture, we realized that publishing them in a tangible format would bring added unity and vision to our company.

The process of arriving at our finalized Mission, Vision, and Values (MVV) was a thrilling one. We started by distributing an online survey to get some preliminary feedback from our associates about their perceptions of our brand, characteristics, goals, and values. Next, the Marketing Team presented research and best practices about MVV to the Thomas & Marker Leadership Team. These two groups joined forces over a period of four months to conduct various seminars, working through multiple exercises to identify our company’s strengths and beliefs. By the end of the process, the team had successfully collaborated to fine-tune each component of our MVV.

We have spent the past year incorporating our MVV into our company’s brand and culture. From branding walls to branded water bottles and coffee mugs, Thomas & Marker’s Mission, Vision, and Values are visible all around.

Today, our associates understand that our values are more than just words printed on a medium – they are representative of what we want our clients and partners to experience when they interact with T&M.

Check out our complete MVV on the “Our Values” section of the new website.