• Over 260 industrial projects
  • Self-performed work
  • Critical shut-downs
  • OSHA VPP accredited – 100% OSHA certified project teams


Our Industrial Division has a team of project managers who work specifically with industrial pursuits; they are experienced working within plant schedules, communicating with specialty suppliers, and meeting all stakeholders’ expectations. Our responsive leaders instill passion, energy, and critical thinking to create a synergistic effect. Our project calendar is in sync with our clients’ – we routinely account for annual shut-downs and non-typical work hours. We know it is our job to minimize our impact in industrial facilities so our clients can continue to maximize their supply chain’s effectiveness.


  • Laboratories
  • Assembly lines
  • Medical clinics
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Process facilities
  • Press foundations
  • Water & wastewater treatment plants
  • Parking lots & improvements
  • Testing facilities
  • Shut-downs
  • Quick turn-around projects
  • Compressed schedules
  • Meticulous resource and logistical planning
  • Around-the-clock shifts, including holidays and weekends

Our industrial clients include:

  • AGC Automotive
  • American Howa Kentucky, Inc. (AHK)
  • Armstrong World Industries, Inc.
  • Belletech Corp.
  • Dow Chemical Co.
  • Honda
  • Honda of America Manufacturing, Inc.
  • Honda R&D Americas, Inc.
  • Honda Transmission Manufacturing of America, Inc.
  • Honda East Liberty Auto Plant
  • Honda Marysville Auto Plant
  • Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.
  • Iams
  • International Paper
  • KTH Parts Industries Inc.
  • MSC Supply
  • Niagara Water
  • Parker Hannifin
  • Procter & Gamble
  • The Scotts Miracle-Gro Co.
  • Wal-Mart


“Thomas & Marker will be on the top of our list for any future design and construction needs.”
Stan Smith, JPI Transportation Products, Inc.
“Your team has made this process as smooth as possible and met all of our expectations.”
Jason Bresock, Sr. Manufacturing Engineer, Hybrid Systems Division, Parker Hannifin Corporation
“It was clear from the beginning of the project that Thomas & Marker was interested in providing superior services to the client, resulting in a high quality finished project. It was a challenging project that you gave your full commitment to in order to provide the client a state of the art facility. We would be delighted to work with you again because of your ability to provide excellent construction services and your commitment to teamwork.”
Robin Claucherty, BHDP Architecture
“Your customer service oriented focus is the reason we would have your company bid for future projects. Sometimes cost is not always the most important way to win business.”
Jason Worm, Division Manager, Hybrid Systems Division, Parker Hannifin Corporation
“The Thomas & Marker project team worked hard to keep things on track. More importantly, they respected the process and responded positively to the unique challenges.”
Brad Gibson, Union Rural Electric