• Zoombezi Bay Waterpark at The Columbus Zoo & Aquarium
  • 60 aquatic facilities, including renovations & upgrades
  • Wide range of fitness & wellness facilities
  • NCAA regulation facilities


We are firm believers that construction does not have to be all work and no play. We have built facilities to support running, hiking, swimming, and splashing. Recreational and specialty projects challenge our critical and creative thinking, and we thrive in environments where we can bring our creativity to the table. There is something unique about installing miles of twisting and turning waterslides for a multi-million dollar water park. There is a strategy to constructing boardwalks and trails without disturbing natural habitats. Our ability to see projects through our clients’ eyes proves to be the most important factor when creating these distinctive environments. The ultimate reward is seeing the delight that our finished projects bring to visitors and clients alike.


  • Athletic fields
  • Aquatic facilities, including renovations & upgrades
    • Municipal pools
    • Water parks
    • Splash pads
  • Clubhouses
  • Community centers
  • Fitness centers
  • Nature preserves
  • Parks
  • Community centers
  • Fitness centers
  • Nature preserves
  • Parks


“Like many cities and municipalities with dreams of moving forward and while responsibly using taxpayer money, we needed a team to help realize how we could achieve those things we hoped for. Even after they were given the notice to proceed, [Thomas & Marker] never stopped trying to maximize the money they had to work with. The end result being as beautiful as it is functional.”
Eric Fischer, Project Manager, City of Powell
“The YMCA is proud of the end result and will definitely have Thomas & Marker in mind on future plans.”
Paul Waldsmith, CEO, Champaign Family YMCA
“When the Wellness Center project was awarded to Thomas & Marker, I knew we were in good hands. I cannot stress the amount of confidence I had in Thomas & Marker finishing on time and with the budget parameters that were set. They have become part of our Antioch family by attending our events, supporting us within the Antioch community as well as the Village of Yellow Springs. The teamwork and collaboration between the College and the staff at Thomas & Marker is something I think we can all be very proud of.”
Tom Brookey, Antioch College
“On graduation day, as I looked out during the commencement ceremony, I took great pride in the success of the project. It exceeded our expectations and offers Wittenberg students, staff, and the Springfield community an outdoor amphitheater and park setting that they will be able to enjoy for years to come.”
John E. Paulsen, PE, Director Physical Plant, Safety and Environment, Wittenberg University